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Fic Masterlist

My fics can also be found on FFN, Teaspoon, and AO3.

Confession: Drabble. Takeru and Hikari have been secretly dating; they tell Taichi. The over-protective big brother doesn't take it well.

Four Kisses: One-shot. Sora kissed Taichi three times before he ever kissed her.

Doctor Who:
Hallucination: Drabble. The Doctor doubts Romana's existence. She decides to prove it to him. Slight Ten/Romana II.

Artistic License: One-shot. A young artist has dreamed of a madman with a blue box her entire life, never realizing that her dreams are in fact memories. The Doctor decides to fix that. Eleven/Romana III.

Accidental Matrimony: Romana has accidentally married Frank Sinatra. The Doctor thinks it's incredibly funny. She is not pleased.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen : Four Doctors. Four diffrent Christmases. Eight/Romana II, Ten/Rose, slight Amy/Rory.

Five Weddings : He's rubbish at weddings, especially his own. One/Susan's Grandmother, Four/Romana II, Ten/Elizabeth I, Eleven/Marylin Monroe, Eleven/River Song.

One Last Kiss Before the World Ends: On the last night of the Time War, the Doctor shares a moment with an old companion. Nine/Romana II.

Fish Fingers and Custard: But you still sometimes eat fish fingers and custard. Second person fic. Slight Amy/Rory.

Goodbye Gravity: Once again, Jack Harkness finds himself falling for a Time Lord. Jack/Romana, past Jack/Doctor.

Injustice: Regeneration can be extremely unfair.
Failure: Drabble. Dean Winchester had failed Bela Talbot three times. Dean/Bela.

Tron Legacy:
Sunset: Drabble. Quorra sees her first sunset. Sam learns a new appreciation for them. Sam/Quorra.

Harry Potter:
Need:Sixth year. They both know it's wrong, but they need each other. Draco/Hermione.

A Little Extra Help: Drabble. Draco needs a little help confessing to Hermione. Ron has an idea. Draco/Hermione.
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